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In the world of online casinos there are an infinite variety of gambling entertainment that can give an unforgettable experience and the opportunity to win significant prizes. One such exciting game is the Aviator Game at Pin-Up. This is a unique slot machine that combines elements of slots and lottery.

Aviator game Pin Up, machine nature and rules

The Aviator slot on the official Pin-Up site attracts many gamblers with its unique concept. The game invites you to go to the skies and experience the adrenaline of the possibility of winning.

The essence of online entertainment is as follows: in front of you appears flying airplane, moving along a scale with bets and odds. Your task is to make a contribution and choose the moment to exit the round. You can make several bets on different odds simultaneously.

Winning is determined by multiplying the amount bet on the stake by the caught multiplier. If luck smiles on you and your bet falls into the high odds area, the winnings will be significant.

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Aviator Pin-Up, how to play for free

To play the slot machine “Aviator” for free on Pin-Up, follow the sequence of steps:

  1. Go to the official Pin-Up website;
  2. Find the section with the game “Aviator”;
  3. Start the slot by clicking on Play;
  4. Choose a bet size that suits your budget;
  5. Decide on the desired odds;
  6. Place one or two bets simultaneously by selecting the desired multiplier values;
  7. Wait until the airplane reaches the odds of your choice;
  8. Make a profit in case of a successful bet.

It is important to remember that the Aviator game at Pin-Up Casino is random, and the result depends on the built-in random generator. Each round is independent of previous and future draws.

Pin-Up Casino Aviator, how to find the game

Once you go to the Pin-Up website or app, familiarize yourself with the main sections of the site. One of them will be “Casinos.” Click on the title and then use the “Search by Game” bar.

Another is to tap on the Crash section. Then select “Aviator.” Since the game is very popular, it tops the list, which means the slot is very easy to find.

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Pin-Up Aviator to play, how to bypass blocking

It is not possible to open a Pin-Up site from everywhere. In some countries, the gambling club is blocked. However, there is a way out.

You can use the ways to bypass the blocking:

1. VPN extension for the browser. This is a small add-on that can be easily downloaded and installed from the store of your web browser (for example, Chrome Web Store). After installing the extension, you will need to select a server node of the available region and connect to it;

2. VPN software for your computer. There are many paid and free utilities. You can download them from the official sites of the developers. Once you install such a program on your device, you will need to select the desired server node and initiate a connection;

3. VPN application for smartphone. Similar to the computer versions, you can download and install a VPN utility from the app store of your operating system (for example, App Store for iOS or Google Play for Android). Once installed, you’ll need to select a foreign location and make a connection.

When you use different VPN services, the IP address of your device changes. This is what allows you to bypass Pin-Up blocking. However, this method is not the only one. You can not install additional programs, but just use a working mirror. This is the name of the link leading to a clone site, associated with the main platform. Using the working mirror, you do not risk, because it creates the casino itself, but not the attackers.

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Aviator Pin-Up game, how to register

To access the “Aviator” Pin-Up cash game, go to the gambling platform – either through a browser to the website or through the app. Click on “Register.” You will see this button at the top of the screen. Specify the desired login. It can be a phone number or personal email. Make up a strong password consisting of letters, numbers and additional allowed characters.

Registration gift from Pin-Up Casino

All new users gambling club gives a bonus of 120% on your first deposit. It can be received if the deposit is made within an hour after Aviator registration.

Pin-Up Aviator how to win

Simply place your bet in the Aviator Pin-Up game. The chance of winning will be higher if you decide to exit the round at some low odds (for example, x1.50 or x2.00).

Study the Aviator strategies. Choose one of them or make a combination of the most understandable and interesting approaches. Also use the auto play function (autoplay). It will allow you to run a series of spins without having to press the button after each round. Using this feature can have a positive effect on the effectiveness of your strategy.

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Pin-Up Aviator reviews, pros and cons of the game

Pros of the slot:

  • Simplicity and convenience – the game is characterized by simple rules, uncomplicated strategies, which makes it accessible to gambling novices;
  • Great winning potential – every hour the machine rolls high odds and gamblers win large sums of money online;
  • Automatic game feature – with its presence, even busy people can participate in rounds and have a passive source of additional income.

To the disadvantages of the slot can include the risk of loss. “Aviator” on Pin-Up, as well as any other game, does not guarantee success in every round. Another disadvantage is that the machine is not available in all countries. Working mirror in this case does not help, because it allows you to bypass the blocking of the site, but not the specific game applications. To access Aviator, you need to change your IP address using VPN services.


Friends, let’s sum up the results. Aviator by Pin-Up is an exciting slot machine that combines the excitement of roulette with the intrigue of the lottery. Its main advantage is the potentially huge winnings if you play with a high stake. This attracts experienced players with nerves of steel and cold calculation. But beginners can also try their hand, as the rules of Aviator are quite simple.

What makes this slot so popular? First, the exciting gameplay that will make your heart stop as you watch the plane take off. Second, the chance to win big at a lucky moment. And third, the simple rules that are accessible to everyone. Even a beginner can win the jackpot!


Of course, success is not guaranteed – this is a game of chance. But a well thought out strategy will increase your chances. Experienced players use the statistics of the rounds, the automatic game and leave in time to collect the winnings. And for beginners it is worth practicing in demo mode first to understand the principles and mechanics of the game.

In general, Aviator is a generous entertainment at Pinup Casino with the potential for big wins. The main thing is to play wisely, without spending too much money, and have fun. Then even losing will not be a burden, and winning will bring even more adrenaline and joy!

This bright slot has and nuances. In some countries access is blocked. But there is a solution – use VPN or working mirrors Pin-Up. This will allow you to bypass the restrictions and enjoy the exciting process from any corner of the globe.

We should also mention the mobile version. Aviator is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets! This is very convenient – you can play anywhere. The application can be downloaded from the Pin-Up website, just open the page in your browser.

To sum up, we note that Aviator – it is worth a try for any fan of gambling. The main thing is to follow a reasonable approach, not to spend extra money and not to bet. Then Aviator will give you many unforgettable positive emotions!

We hope that our article has helped you to understand the nuances of this fascinating game. We will be glad to hear your opinion and answer your questions.

Above all, we wish you good luck and big winnings in Aviator by Pin-Up!

Answers to questions

Frequently asked Aviator questions.

Pin-Up Casino Aviator, how to play for real money?

In the bottom field, specify the amount and click on “Bet”. Then you will be given the opportunity to watch the odds increase. At that time, you can decide to stop and take your current winnings or continue hoping for an even bigger prize. If you don’t like taking chances, click on the “Cash Out” button on the small X-value.

Play Aviator at Pin-Up, can I play the slot machine for free?

Pin-Up has a demo version of Aviator Gaming, which offers to play without investing. In it you can only practice. You won’t be able to earn money, because instead of real money there are virtual points on the balance.

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Is there a jackpot in Aviator?

This prize is not available in the slot.

When was Aviator released?

Aviator was officially developed by Spribe in 2019. However, the slot was not immediately distributed to all gambling sites. It appeared in the Pin Up catalog in 2020.

Aviator game for money Pin-Up, how to get a sign up bonus?

Within 1 hour after creating an account, make your first deposit. To do this from your personal cabinet, click on the cashier and choose the most convenient way to deposit. The more money you transfer to your game account, the bigger Aviator bonus you will get.

How long is one round in Aviator Slot?

The length of one round in the slot depends on how much the coefficient grows to based on a randomly generated number. Sometimes the game takes only a few seconds. In this case the plane crashes on a small multiplier.

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How do you win at the Aviator slot machine at Pin-Up Casino?

Simply place your bets. The more contributions you make, the better your chances of multiplying your bankroll.

Can I play Aviator on my Android or iOS phone?

Yes, you can use the slot machine on your Android or iOS phone. Pin-Up Casino offers a mobile version that is optimized for easy use on smartphones and tablets. To start playing Aviator, simply open the browser on your device and go to the official casino website. The mobile version will open automatically. If you don’t want to play Aviator Pin-Up through your browser, download Aviator. However, it is only available for Android phones.

What do I need to play Aviator Pin-Up comfortably?

It is recommended to have a stable Internet connection to play comfortably. Also check the minimum operating system requirements of your device to ensure compatibility with the Pin-Up casino page and the Aviator slot.

How do I download the mobile app with “Aviator”?

Go to the Pin-Up Casino website. Flip through the main page. At the very bottom you’ll see an Android marking. Click on it and download the installation file.

Does the Aviator game have a cashback provision?

At Pin Up, money lost due to losses is partially refunded to players, as the gambling club provides a cashback. Its rates are 5%, 7% and 10%. The bigger the losses in the Aviator Pin-Up game, the bigger the cashback.

What information is available to gamers inside the online game?

The partial ID numbers of the participants, their bets and winnings are displayed. Statistics are also given – the X-multipliers at which past rounds have ended.

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Is the Aviator web game at Pin-Up Casino reliable?

Pin-Up is a well-known brand in the gambling market. The company is licensed, cooperates with proven gambling content providers and does not interfere with the gaming processes. Reviews about Aviator Pin-Up, left by many gamblers, confirm it.