Aviator game for money strategy

aviator game for money strategy

Gambling users are always interested in the question – how to play Aviator for money effectively? Can tactics lead to success and provide a profitable multiplication bet? Should I register in Aviator? Among gamblers there is a perception that all crash software, like Aviator, are built on a single algorithm, it can be disclosed and you can steal the lot. Manufacturers remind of the existence of a random number generator placed on the servers of the provider, which confirms the fairness of the game. Algorithms work without the possibility of reconfiguration.

Experienced gamblers advise in their Aviator reviews that before proceeding to the tactics, it is necessary to understand what mechanics have been integrated into the development by the manufacturer Spribe. This knowledge will help keep investments safe and reduce risks. Otherwise, even the most effective approaches will not lead to the desired result.

aviator game strategy

Recommendations for choosing a scheme of action include:

  • Determine the amount of bankroll before you start; do not exceed that limit;
  • Set the maximum limit for investment;
  • Think about the duration of the session;
  • Test the software at different stakes and ranges.

It is better to record the statistical information visually, the results will be clearly visible.

How to win in the game Aviator Strategy

Gamblers are mistaken, thinking that for the simple mechanics of the Aviator slot tactics are not needed. The main thing is to click on “stop” in time and take your winnings. On the size of the payout user can not affect. Coefficient grows along with the flight of the plane, but whether the player has time to stop it before the system assigns this moment, no one knows.

Despite the simplicity of the software, schemes of actions in it for effective investments are still needed. Especially if the user is planning to wager not for a single session, but for a long time. There are many approaches based on mathematical rules. Many means of winning are based on logical thinking. Let’s look at which Aviator strategies work more productively.

aviator game how to play

Strategies for single betting

For anyone wishing to play Aviator, there is a unique opportunity to place double bets for a single round. You can choose the denomination for each of them and stop the plane at different distances. The function is convenient and profitable, but it is also possible to work with a single bet. The schemes of action in this case are different. When selecting a single bet it is possible to react faster, which reduces losses. But there is a disadvantage and it is a reduced threshold of potential payouts.

A winning strategy with minimal risk

The strategy for the Aviator game involves stopping the aircraft at an early stage of ascent. It is known that multipliers already at minimum values reach 1.2-1.5. And accordingly, even on small investments at a low start can earn good money. For example, if the user invests five coins per round, he will get 7.5 coins if multiplied by 1.5. For good earnings, it is necessary to take part in dozens of such rounds.

A winning strategy with moderate risk

Aviator game for money with this scheme is recommended to people with a good budget. Implies raising the ship to a higher range. Conventionally, you can choose a range with odds from 3 to 5. The probability of winning at this stage is about 40-50%. The size of the bet the gambler determines independently. Here there are already risks, and they are quite serious. Therefore, it is necessary to be guided by statistics, so that the losses do not exceed the profits. Some prefer to download Aviator and try various strategies there.

aviator tactics

A winning strategy for fast earnings

In the slot there is no jackpot, and therefore large payments can be obtained by reaching significant heights. Playing Aviator for money with big odds tactics exists. According to statistics multiplier 100 falls on average once every 1-1.5 hours. It is necessary to look in the statistics when it was last time, then count this profitable time range and act in a big way. If you are lucky, the payout will be solid, and it will cover all previous losses.

A scheme designed for a multiplier of 200 acts in an identical manner, but this multiplier appears much less frequently. The time range is 2-2.5 hours. Record the performance on the test game.

Aviator strategy, for double bets

When playing in Aviator winning strategies are also applied to several bets. But it is suitable only for people with good experience. The advantages of the approach are many, but the risks are just as high. You need to learn how to navigate and react to both results. To achieve good results, it is recommended to first undergo training in the Aviator demo mode, and only after that proceed to entertainment. Productive scheme makes no guarantees.

Tactics for the Aviator game

Slot captivates with its dynamics and simplicity, but even more visitors like to receive payments. And so Aviator tactics must be chosen correctly, which will not only test your luck, but also maintain your bankroll. Especially with losses – and they happen in gambling. To work with double or single bets, you can use mathematical schemes that have shown themselves well. But it is better to test them in a demo mode.

aviator game tactics

Aviator cash game tactics, Fibonacci system.

This approach will stabilize situations, get payouts and even compensate for losses. After each lost bet it is necessary to increase investments up to the sum of the previous two bets. Act like this until you get a win, but this approach is too expensive. It is important to prepare a good bankroll. When receiving a payout, all losses will be made up, and the profit will remain.

The Dalamber System.

Gives a good opportunity to maintain a balance, the method is based on mathematical principles. The scheme requires a gradual approach and patience. After a failed start, the bet size should be increased by 1 unit and decreased also by 1 unit when winning.

The Martingale System

The most popular system among fans of gambling entertainment. It is clear, accessible and logical. After unsuccessful rounds bet should be doubled. Act like this should as long as the gambler does not get a win. But the reverse situation is also possible – simply run out of budget. The scheme is effective, it brings payments, helps to get into the black, but requires large investments. Therefore, to work out the approach is necessary in advance in demo mode.

aviator winning strategy

The Laboucher system.

It is considered difficult to understand, so it is used only by advanced gamers. The principle is as follows. It is necessary to determine the payout and the user is guided by it. For example, there is a goal to get a payout of 10 coins. The sequence of bets is as follows 1-1-1-2-2-2-1. The size of the bet is calculated from the sum of the first and the last numbers. The given example shows that the multiplier can be equal to 2. When bet brings a payout, the resulting number should be crossed out of the given sequence, and then proceed to calculate the next amount to bet. If the round was a failure it is necessary to add a 2 to the end of the list and leave the rest of the numbers in it.

System “Passwords”.

Demonstrates payout possibilities, but is based on the theory of probability. It is well known that when there is a succession of luck, the bets can be increased. And when losing, reduce. How effective the betting program is not clear. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful with its application. Risking large sums is not worth it, because it is only the probability of numbers.


So, together we have considered in detail all the basic strategies for playing the exciting Aviator slot machine, which will help you structure your actions as thoughtfully and effectively as possible to get stable wins.

It is important to realize that there is no universal approach that guarantees victory. It all depends on your skills, experience, risk appetite and current budget. The ideal variant will be a combination of different tactics and their constant adjustment according to the results of the game.

Beginners are better off starting with simple single bets and low odds. Over time, you can move on to double bets and more aggressive schemes such as the Martingale. But do not risk large sums of money right away – this is the way to lose quickly.

A very important point is to constantly analyze the statistics of your rounds and correct your strategy. Without this, even the most advanced tactics will not bring results. Take breaks, keep calm and self-control.

In general, Aviator is a generous slot machine that can bring impressive winnings. But approach the game with intelligence and patience. And remember that the main thing is to apply strategies, not just make bets.

Good luck and let your plane fly as high as possible!


Thr most frequently asked Aviator questions.

How to choose a betting system in Aviator to win?

No casino as well as the provider will tell you which system is guaranteed to be correct. The software works using a random number generator, so it’s impossible to track down a path that can bring good payouts with a guarantee. The only chance to pick up the tactics without unnecessary losses – is to test the slots in demo mode. So manages to understand which of the schemes to give preference. See the cost of the risks, but at the same time keep the budget. After all, in the demo version you do not need to invest your own money. Game is carried out at the expense of game currency.

aviator game for money tactics

What is the most winning strategy for Aviator?

Most users opt for the classic methods based on mathematical theory. Users see more guarantees in them. Statistics also confirm their performance. Yes, and the risks in them are reduced, a bankroll is required, but a small one.

Can I really beat the Aviator algorithm?

Every gamer has such a possibility. Indeed, there are known cases of high payouts in Aviator. But such victories can’t be predicted, because the game is based on the LFO and pure luck, and this is a reason for doubt. But statistics show that payment is made and everyone can achieve such a result.

How to increase your chances of winning at the Aviator?

Only personal experience will help. There are no guarantees and approvals in gambling entertainment. Therefore, you can only test approaches in the demo mode, gain experience and get the necessary skills to develop intuition. It is also important to limit the budget during the transition to the real investment, so as not to lose large sums. Especially at the initial stage. Don’t forget about Aviator bonuses.

Which strategy on Aviator is better: with single or double betting?

The single approach is considered simple and accessible. It is clearer to learn, it is easier to respond to it intuitively. Therefore, it is better for beginners to act from such principles. The double approach requires much more attention, experience, which is not always possible for beginners. Therefore it is necessary to be very careful and to keep a reasonable approach when choosing the second option.