Aviator 1Xbet, for real money

1xbet crash aviator samolet

The new Aviator Crash game 1Xbet is developed by the famous provider Spribe. The machine is a completely new entertainment in which you can get the first prizes already in the starting round.  The volatility of the slot is different and depends on the distance at which the gamer plans to bet. If the player chooses safe tactics, he can safely start the entertainment with a small budget and stop the rounds at the very beginning. Volatility in this case will be low and prizes with this approach happen often. But those visitors who want to get a large cache, can raise the plane higher. Increasing along with it the volatility. Their choice the visitors make their own, based on their own preferences, desires and skills.

Aviator game for money 1Xbet, online game rules

Aviator reviews are mostly positive. Affordable rules software 1Xbet crash Aviator attract first-time visitors who are just getting acquainted with the entertainment. Crash format is seriously different from the standard gambling machines.  They do not have the standard symbols, lines, the principles of the combinations. You just need to launch the plane in the air and stop it at will. 

The most important thing is to pick up the prize before the plane falls at will of the system. The point at which the aircraft will be stopped will also fix the multiplier by which the multiplication is performed.

Aviator game 1Xbet software has additional features, with which it is better to get acquainted in advance to understand how to build further tactics to get more money. All the rules and features of software easy to consider in demo mode.

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Aviator game for money official site 1xbet, registration

Aviator registration in 1Xbet requires users to enter personal information. But at the start, a quick registration is enough, which will already open access to entertainment. For its implementation, it is enough to register in a quick way. It takes no more than 2 minutes.

You can use the following authorization options:

  • Mail e-mail;
  • By phone number;
  • By one click;
  • Social networks;
  • Messengers.

To withdraw the cash prizes it is necessary to verify the account, called verification. But it only needs to be done once.  After successful verification, payments will be made in a timely and automatic manner.  Additional actions are no longer required. 

Registration is convenient not only from the perspective of the possibility of making investments. Each registered visitor of the official website casino 1Xbet can become a member of the loyalty program and use the bonuses that are present in the institution. Direct them to 1xBet crash aviator samolet and get even more opportunities in the real rounds.

aviator money game 1xbet

Aviator game in 1xbet strategy, how to play

To start, you need to log in to the institution and select the bet size. You should also decide on the number of bets per round (one or two). If there is a ready Aviator strategy, it is better to test it beforehand in the demo. After the machine will be loaded, you can start the round. It is necessary to stop the plane, launched from the start, earlier than the system does. If the airplane crashed on the initiative of the gambler, the investment is multiplied by the multiplier for which the stop occurred. Otherwise, the investment will be lost.

Aviator game in 1xbet, Tactics 

Before applying any successful tactic, it is important to understand that in gambling games there is no guaranteed result. There are always tendencies for the result to depend on luck. Therefore, it is not necessary to count on the prize money in a mandatory manner. This is only an opportunity to increase the likelihood of winning. 

According to statistics, the most successful tactics are the following principles of behavior:

  • Preparing for entertainment in Aviator demo mode. Visitors are able to consider the current rules and pick up the size of the deposit and bankroll for profitable bets;
  • Using the double bet mode. In them, you can set different values for each round, and stop the plane alternately at different distances. A very handy feature to build your own strategy that will lead to favorable results;
  • Low odds strategy – allows you to get winning amounts often, but they are usually small. But they give a chance to increase the budget constantly. The lowest odds start at X1;
  • Tactics that involve large investments. With it you can play, both on the minimum rises and on the maximum.

Before trying any strategy in Aviator game for money 1xBet, you need to check it in a demo. You can do it without worrying about your budget, because you won’t need any investments in this case. If the result will allow you to understand the situation, you can make good runs.

aviator game at 1xbet

In Search of Maximum Gain

This is a workable tactic that brings regular, albeit small, prizes. It is important for users not just to get periodic amounts, but in general to follow the profitability of the entertainment. You can choose a suitable pace of action in the demo mode.

Tactics with minimal risk

Aviator game for money in 1xBet is possible with different investments. If there is a desire to reduce the cost of entertainment, it is worth choosing less risky strategies. Such tactics involve the choice of minimum bets or climbing small distances. In the first case, the risks are reduced due to the small size of the budget and small losses. In the second case, it is possible to make a particularly large bet, but it is necessary to stop the plane as early as possible. Such an approach will eliminate potential losses.

Tactics with Insurance

The Aviator game at 1xBet has a special feature – double bets. Their advantage is the possibility of insuring your investments. On the first of them a small bet is placed, on the second a more risky bet is placed. The stopping odds are chosen accordingly. For low bets it is necessary to stop at low altitude. For a high bet at maximum height. This tactic will allow picking up more payouts, or getting extra insurance. For example, if the high bet is lost, the low bet will allow you to cut your losses.

Aviator play 1xbet, the most profitable strategy

This strategy works at maximum odds. To get the money it is necessary to test the machine in the demo version. So there will be information about how often high multipliers fall out. Help in the construction of tactics and data built-in statistics, which contains information about the largest winnings and the results of recent sessions. The ideal option – to wait for the maximum odds of x200. But even if the multiplier turns out to be less, it too can bring good prizes.

1xbet aviator play

Aviator crash 1Xbet, deposits and withdrawals

To make a deposit account at the casino necessarily need registration. To make a deposit, you need to log in to our personal cabinet and click on the Cashier.

It will open the available ways to deposit: 

  • Plastic cards;
  • Electronic purses;
  • Online Payment Systems;
  • Cryptocurrencies;
  • Deposits by cell phone number;
  • Payments through social networks.

Before you top up your account, you should study the features of the service. Check whether a particular feature is beneficial to you. It is recommended to see what Aviator bonus offers are available at the moment. When you make a deposit, a bonus is very often credited, and this is additional funds that can be directed to the game at 1xBet Aviator.

Withdrawal is carried out only after wagering all kinds of bonuses by the same available methods.

aviator money game 1xbet

Final review from our editorial team about crash money game Aviator

You don’t need to download Aviator 1xBet. It is a simple and generous software, in which it is very convenient to make bets using strategies. Entertainment is available on various devices and PCs, it is conveniently activated and brings faster winnings.

In conclusion, we would like to emphasize once again the uniqueness and attractiveness of the Aviator crash game by 1xBet. Our editorial staff recommends this exciting entertainment to all lovers of excitement and thrills.

The game is characterized by an unusual gameplay. There is no need to build winning combinations or select lines. The whole principle comes down to the fact that in time to stop the take-off of the plane and fix the cf. This gives the game excitement and dynamism. Each new launch and flight is different from the previous one.

Aviator has a convenient double bet feature. This allows you to take a risk and insure yourself at the same time. You can make a minimum bet, which guarantees you at least some winnings. And the second – a larger one, counting on a “big score”. Our experts like such flexibility.

1xbet crash aviator

The developers have wisely included a demo mode. This is a great opportunity to practice and work out winning tactics without the risk of losing real money. Our editors always recommend that you first “pump up” your skills in the demo version.

In general, Aviator from 1xBet is a bright, dynamic and generous game that brings a lot of positive emotions. We are sure that after getting acquainted with this exciting game you will want to return to it again and again. We invite you to take a flight and try your luck!

Aviator FAQ

Most frequently asked questions about Aviator.

How long is the Aviator game from 1xBet?

Crash software has very short rounds. The average duration of one round varies from 8 to 35 seconds. However, rounds also end after 1-2 seconds. You need to be ready for such results and act quickly, reacting to the changes that occur.

What is the minimum bet in Aviator by 1xBet?

The smallest bet size is equal to 1 coin. With such low investment parameters it is possible to practice not only for free, but also for money. And most importantly – wins happen often and on such small bets.

What is the maximum bet in Aviator from 1xBet?

The maximum size of the investment is equal to 3000 coins. If you’re lucky and manage to break the biggest odds x200, you should get good amounts.

What is the lowest odd in Aviator by 1xBet?

The minimum odd is X1. If you stop the plane already on this parameter, the bet of the user will be saved and losses will be excluded.

What is the highest odd in the Aviator game by 1xBet?

The highest odds in the software is x200. It happens once in about 2-2.5 hours. It is possible to match this moment and test your luck. Statistics, built into the software, will help determine the choice of stop.